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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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The CDR Recovery Tool Free is an application that was created for the purpose of recovering damaged and corrupted files from different types of disks including CDs and DVDs, etc. The program is great for restoring lost data that occurred due to mechanical damage of the disk such as chips, scratches, spots, blotches or damage resulting from bad recording processes.

The CDR Recovery Tool Free will then recover data that you probably thought was lost or damaged for good. Use the tool to scan your CDs and DVDs and it will locate all the recoverable information that is stored on the disk.

Go ahead and look for those old CDs with songs and Data disks with files that you would have had to reacquire and scan them with the CDR Recovery Tool Free first to see if you can bypass that ordeal and simply recover the files.

Get CDR Recovery Tool Free and make sure you may successfully get your data back after any problem causing the damage of CorelDraw files. This way of cdr file recovery is more efficient than some other data recovery services, it provides the fastest way of getting your data back without additional provisions. Get the installer of CDR Recovery Tool Free on your PC if you are interested and proceed to the analysis of corrupted illustrations by following the directions of cdr recovery tool. The small size of CDR Recovery Tool Free allows starting the process of CorelDraw repair within several minutes after the damage of cdr files. Click the setup file of CDR Recovery Tool Free to begin installing this application and use the shortcut of CorelDraw recovery tool when ready. During the first stage of evaluation you may take a closer look at the interface of CDR Recovery Tool Free and make sure there are no any difficulties. Feel free looking through the description of cdr recovery process that can be found on the website of application developer and make sure it is not really complicated. Please follow the guidelines of CDR Recovery Tool Free and move to the following stage of illustration recovery by using the open file softkey. Please use the Windows Explorer file selection dialog to find a document of CorelDraw format you'd like to open using this application. After this you may simply double check the path and proceed to the parsing of selected document by clicking the Next softkey. Since there are no other ways of improving the speed of CDR Recovery Tool Free except installing this program on a faster PC, you should be patient and get some rest until the analysis of selected document is successfully completed. After the end of illustration analysis you may convert the data into a clean file of cdr format and open this document for evaluation.

System Requirements:

Windows 98 and above

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